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Welcome! This is my personal homepage, if you want to buy photos please visit my NEW fine art site John Niehaus Photography - nature, wildlife, and artistic photos for sale.
Or check out my photography blog.

I have some cool tools ("Tools" link above) here you can use to better your photography or better visualize some concepts.
The gallery contains nature, sunset, flower, wildlife, artistic photos, night photos, and paintings. There are also a few black and white and panorama nature photos (the gallery is only partially functional right now. Sorry). If you like my work, I would be honored if you buy something to grace your walls from my other website.
If you wish to comment on my nature or wildlife photos please visit the "About" page.

The photos were taken with various digital cameras, including the Canon 5D, 20D, G9, Panasonic, Olympus, and some film cameras. The paintings were done in acrylic. Most of my photos were taken in natural available light. Sometimes I use filters, and processing is done as needed to accentuate any artistic vision.
May your day be filled with unnecessary beauty.

John Niehaus Photography

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